It all started when...

we had an idea to start our own literary magazine.

and we're proud to say that it's forward-thinking and a little unconventional. litter, a twitterary magazine is a publication of Write About Now Poetry that will be completely released on Write About Now's Twitter (@wanpoetry), where preference is given to works that have been rejected by other publications. In short, send us your honest, truthful, brilliantly composed and poetic litter.

Literary magazines were designed to showcase your work outside of your bubble and to a new audience. The benefit of submitting to litter is that you will be able to see how many retweets, shares and impressions your poem receives, as well as what other poems that are selected to be published receive. Each "page" of our magazine will be linked to the tweet above, and that way when one poem is shared, the entire magazine is shared.

Litter is the publication for poetry and literary enthusiasts, lovers of data analytics, and for those who feel like the traditional format of literary magazines may be a tad bit antiquated.