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At a time in America where differences continue to further divide communities, in OTRO/PATRIA Chibbi explores how we find a shared experience. Unapologetic in its celebration of self, the author challenges the reader to see their own identity in others. As an immigrant that grew up with a blended experience, it is only because of strong sense of a patriotism that the desire for unity and acceptance is so prevalent in this work.

What people saying


"It's 2019, and we're still questioning a vision of America that neither warmly regards the other nor lives its ideals of patriotism. Chibbi provides a refreshing and entertaining voice to these questions, carrying readers across multiple fronteras of identity, personhood, family, love and country. Chibbi fought each word of OTRO/PATRIA over and over again and gave this collection the critical attention of a patriot."
- C.L. "Rooster" Martinez, President of Write Art Out

"With descriptive passages laid out in a unique way, OTRO/PATRIA by M.R. “Chibbi” Orduña challenges readers to see the flaws within themselves while connecting to the author’s own truths. The simple poetry is straightforward in its angry message, and is bound to resonate with those who’ve experienced similar circumstances. Life, lust, inward pain, resentment, and grief are among the emotional words in this colorful collection."

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