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For only $5 per month...

You get discounts to our live poetry shows (in Houston when you wait to pay at the door) and access to our instructor-facilitated writing workshops (free to members) every month, but that’s not all….. That's a big deal because we host more than 100 poetry shows and at least 12 workshops every year.

Members build a community with more than 350 poets and poetry supporters.

Members get access to our writing challenges and monthly instructor-facilitated writing workshops.

Members receive exclusive discounts on our live shows and merchandise in our online store.

Members receive guaranteed access to watch our weekly shows and features LIVE or WHENEVER YOU WANT from anywhere in the world through your computer or mobile device!!

And the more subscribers we get, the more services we can offer you! This is a community built by poets for poets and poetry lovers.

There are four ways to become a member. You can become a member through PayPal, Facebook, Square, or Instagram. If you do sign up through PayPal or Square, you’ll receive access to everything but access the Facebook features.

We offer our membership through several platforms to make it easier for you to engage with us in ways you prefer, but they all essentially offer you the same great access to our programming. Once you become a member, expect to receive updates and sign-ups on Monday of each week. Members through Facebook will receive updates through posts in the WAN Members Facebook group. Members through Instagram will receive one post at the beginning of the month with the same information, and members through Square and PayPal will receive emails every Monday.

Become a member today!

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