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“Poetry found me and it changed my life. As we start out, we are a very small team of passionate writers, but as I once heard it said, ‘You don’t have to be large; you have to be dedicated,’ and I am dedicated to getting some of the best voices in our communities into the hands and ears of others.”

- M.R. “Chibbi” Orduña, Editor-in-Chief - Write About Now Publishing



As a Queer/BIPOC lead press, WAN Publishing produces works of literary excellence by working authors that connect to the core of the human experience, that resonate with the social consciousness. We are building a bridge for spoken word artists to cross into the publishing world, and help them amplify their voices by harnessing the capabilities of print and media productions.


We believe that poetry is a crucial and intricate branch of the literary world. By providing meticulous editing, creative design, enthusiastic promotion, and multi-disciplinary distribution we showcase the diversity of writers in our communities. By broadcasting their stories across multiple platforms, we enrich the lives of audiences, both familiar and new, through their exposure of what poetry can be.


Each book is a labor of love.

We work closely with our authors to identify their goals for their manuscripts, find the right editors for each project, the perfect cover to make it sing, and showcase and market their work to our over 1 million followers using image, audio, and video to highlight the magic that happens both on the page and the stage.

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