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Poetry by Lacey Roop

Write About Now Publishing is excited to present the 2nd collection of poetry by spoken word artist Lacey Roop: WE ALL MAKE IT OUT IN THE END! 

We All Make It Out In The End is an exploration on identity, survival, queerness, and love. Divided into 5 sections, Lacey Roop invites the reader on a journey to examine the human condition. These poems navigate through grief, wonder, uncertainty, hope and grace. We All Make It Out In The End is both a testament and celebration to the moments— big and small— and how we exist in them.

What people are saying!

“A divine and delicious poetry collection, full of queer Southern mysticism. Lacey Roop’s poetry invites you in and holds you tight in its truth. Their words deliver the reader into the world, the life and death of all things. 

We All Make it Out in the End is a portal to the self, through love of nature, universal truths, and hope.”


–Jenny Parrot, singer-songwriter of “The Fire I Saw” & “Pregnancy Choir”


“We All Make it Out in the End sings from the tender underside of a heart that refuses to be calloused. Roop, as always, writes with the tenacity of a southern backbreaker and the precision of a poet. Gritty, glittery, and laced with the drawl of Mississippi folklore, these poems do the heavy work of untangling the ties that bind. This is a love letter, a road map, and a survival song for every small town weirdo loved by a place that 

almost broke them. Roop pays homage to the natural world, the elasticity of the human spirit, and the resiliency of southern queerness - and while looking back with love, they lead the way out like a lightsaber.”


–Desireé Dallagiacomo, author of “SINK”


“We All Make It Out In The End is an undertaking in understanding, both for the author and the reader. Lacey Roop continues to be masterful in their craft of self-discovery, unapologetic space-taking, and literary healing. This collection is a street light’s coming on call back home to self, 

to reclamation, and to empowerment. An incredible, necessary read.”


–Andre Bradford, aka S.C. Says, author of “Golden Brown Skin”

"When a girl says kiss me, be careful." - Lacey Roop


Lacey's poetry collection "And Then Came The Flood" is a masterpiece
that reminds us to never be ashamed of the love we may have for someone,
explores what it means to be human, and reminds us that the good still grows here.

You don't want to miss out on your chance to catch these feelings.


Reviews from readers:


Lacey Roop is one hell of a writer. 



This was an amazing collection of poems. The way she construes her words together, opens up my mind in a beautiful, abstract way that is unique. I highly recommend it. 

An excerpt from one of the poems I enjoyed:

Tell me stories.

Tell me of the times you went searching for
mystics and pots of gold at the end of rainbows,
asked for a waterbed for Christmas because 
you thought that it would make you feel more like
the Little Mermaid and less like 
everyone else."



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